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Welcome to the website of Pefkofyto Karditsa

The site was created as a hobby in order to highlight the natural beauty of our village as well as  to bring closer people who are scattered around the world. Although it  is not an official site it seeks to unite all  "voices", to assist in communication and why  not to  add a bit of progress in our village.

Dear friend, enjoy the beauty of our village, learn its history, what is going on now, help us through your participation and comments - suggestions  to become better.                                                    


Short presentation of our village

Pefkofyto  is a small village, classified as a "place’’ of special natural beauty, built on  650 meters altitude and belongs municipality of Mouzaki. The village includes the settlements of Haravgi, Nisia and Padi. The population does not exceed  120 inhabitants (2001 census 381 inhabitants). The acreage is 837,7 hectares of which 420 hectares are forests, meadows are 207,7 hectares, 160 hectares of arable land  and the remaining 50 hectares land is covered by houses, roads, rocks, water etc.


Geographically the village is bordered by the villages of Porti in the North, Οxya in the west , Drakotrypa northwest, Kryopigi in the east  and Anthohori in the south. It is 38 km distance from Karditsa and 10 km from Mouzaki and works as a link between the villages of Agrafa and the small town of Mouzaki. The old name Nevrovounista (word derived from the ancient Greek word «nevros» meaning little deer and «vounista» meaning mountain).

The village is located on a mountainside in specially targeted point that allows residents - visitors unrestricted view in almost all corners. The green element is particularly strong in our village with many sources and forests (pine, fir, oak, chestnut) and generally lush flora and fauna. The inhabitants are mainly occupied with farming and agriculture. Nowadays most of the residents  are pensioners. The village has three cafes in which besides coffee, tsipouro, soft drinks and snacks you can order and eat. There is also a butcher shop in the village centre and rooms for rent.

Pefkofyto flourished in recent history, in the early 20th century until the '60s. In recent years the population has declined significantly since most young people moved in urban areas in search of a better life. Many people who live in neighbouring cities and towns like (Mouzaki, Trikala, Karditsa, Larisa, etc.) visit the  village at Christmas celebrations, Easter and especially during the summer to regenerate. The village celebrates on June 29 of the Holy Apostles Peter and Paul with events in the village square.




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